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102 UniT 08 | Rules – make or break? Read the article about strange laws. Which places are mentioned? Read the article again. Complete the sentences (1–7) using a maximum of four words. Write your answers in the spaces provided. The first one (0) has been done for you. READING 5 a M p. 44 b 1 suit of armour: (Ritter-)Rüstung 2 plank of wood: Holzbrett Strategies box Reading – Four-word sentence completion (4W) Carefully read the questions. Details like names or places can help you find the spot in the text where you have to look. Write your answer in four or fewer words. Longer answers are always considered wrong. Don’t worry too much about grammar and spelling in short-answer tasks. Your answer is OK as long as your teacher can understand it. Keep smiling – it’s the law! You may think your school rules of ‘no running’ or ‘remove your hat in class’ are a pain, but what do you think of some of these strange laws from around the world? A very old law in Milan, Italy, says that citizens are obliged to smile at all times in the city. If they don’t, they may have to pay a fine. Apparently the law does not apply to hospital workers and people at funerals. No one really knows if this law is still carried out, but if you go to Milan, you’d better keep smiling – just in case! Have you ever visited the Houses of Parliament in London? If so, hopefully you were wearing the right clothes as it is illegal to enter the building wearing a suit of armour 1 . This law was made in 1313 but still exists, so remember to wear your jeans and a T-shirt next time you’re in England’s capital. In England it is also forbidden by law to do the following on the street: carry a plank of wood 2 , fly a kite, play annoying games, and it is against the law to slide on ice or snow. Some people have no idea of what fun is! Stranger still, in Arizona, USA, it is not permitted to have a sleeping donkey in your bathtub after 7 p.m. You may wonder who would come up with a law like this, but there is a story behind it. In the 1920s a farmer had a donkey that liked to sleep in an old bathtub in the yard. One day there was a huge flood which washed away the bathtub, complete with donkey! The local people had to rescue the donkey, which was not an easy job, so afterwards a law was made to stop it happening again. If you’re a fan of Justin Bieber or Céline Dion, you may also be a fan of the law in Canada which states that one out of every five songs played on the radio must be by a Canadian. It’s known as the ‘Canadian Content Requirement’ or ‘CanCon’ for short. The idea is to encourage Canadians to express them- selves and for the radio to reflect Canadians’ ideas, opinions and values. Finally, if you keep on getting told off for chewing gum, you probably shouldn’t go to Singapore. Since 2004 it has been illegal to chew gum there, mainly because vandals were sticking their used gum on the train doors and causing problems with the transport system. If you are caught chewing gum in Singapore, you may have to pay a lot of money as a fine. Nur zu Prüfzwecken – Eigentum des Verlags öbv