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35 Choose one of the situations below and do the writing for it. WRITING 10 If you report something which is still true, you don’t have to change the tense. You can also keep the same expressions of time and place if they are still correct. Look at the examples and choose the correct description of the situation. Explain why you think the description is correct. 8 1 Tom said that he really loves it here in Bristol.  The speaker is in Bristol.  The speaker isn’t in Bristol. 2 She said that she wants to go there tomorrow.  She said this yesterday.  She said this today. 3 He said that he really likes you.  It is still true.  It is no longer true. 4 She said we have to hand in the report on Tuesday.  Tuesday was yesterday.  Tuesday is in three days. 5 Emily said that she doesn’t get any pocket money.  Now she gets some pocket money.  She still doesn’t get any. Since the speaker uses ‘here’ – just like Tom did – he/she must be in Bristol now as well. Also, it’s still true that Tom loves the place. When Steve tried to buy the Mr Fox mug at Hebendam’s the next day, he got involved in a shoplifting incident. The store detective now asks all the people who are still in the store what they were doing right before it happened. Listen to what they say, take notes on the most important points and then summarise their statements in reported speech. Listen again if necessary. The following expressions might be useful: 9 06 Steve writes a ‘Happy Birthday’ card to Lizzie explaining why he didn’t get her a present. (But in a funny way, he likes his sister .) 1 Mark writes a ‘Thank You’ note to Hebendam’s for mending his silk competition kit. 3 Ms Cunningham writes an email to Hebendam’s complaining that they arrested the wrong person for shoplifting because she suspects one of the ‘young people’ did it. 2 Mark writes a text message to Dan asking whether he still has the receipt for the cableyoyos because he would actually prefer a different colour. 4 Ms Johnson, the shop assistant, insisted that … She told the detective that … She wondered … Steve explained that … Mr Mop, the cleaner, claimed that … He asked the detective to … Steve’s granny noted that … She pointed out that … Mr Williams, a customer, said that … He complained that … He asked the store detective to … Ms Cunningham, another customer, suspected that … She highlighted that … Nur zu Prüfzwecken – Eigentum des Verlags öbv