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37 Shopping experiences You are going to listen to the feature again. First, study the task below, then, while listening, match the beginnings of the sentences (1–5) with the sentence endings (A–H). There are two extra sentence endings that you should not use. Write your answers in the spaces provided. The first one (0) has been done for you. After listening, take some time to check your answers. b Spend a few minutes thinking about your favourite shop. 1 What does it sell?  2  What does it look like?  3  What makes it special? Now describe the shop to a partner without saying its name. Can your partner guess which shop you are describing? Take turns. SPEAKING 12 a b You are going to listen to an FM4 feature about an unusual shop. First look at the topics below and tick the ones you think are going to come up. Then listen and write down a few words about the topics mentioned. 1  where the shop is: 2  name of the shop: 3  what you can buy there: 4  how expensive it is: 5  who owns the shop: 6  what the owner is like: 7  how to google the shop: LISTENING 13 a 07 Would you like to visit this shop? What would you buy? Discuss your ideas with a partner. 14 0 The shop is located in . E 1 Among other things, the store sells . 2 The journalist was surprised by . 3 He thinks typical customers might be . 4 The shop works with police forces to stop . 5 “Buy skulls” leads to . A finding the shop online E a suburban area of Toronto B the personality of the owner F parts of dead animals C animals from all over the world G people who illegally shoot wild animals D buying human skulls H scientists buying items for work Nur zu Prüfzwecken – Eigentum des Verlags öbv