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Speaking: An ethical dilemma You run an animal shelter and have had a hard time making ends meet. A local car dealer offers to donate to you a new van worth £20,000 if you agree to falsely report to the financial authorities that the dealer has donated a van worth £40,000 to evade paying taxes. You really need the van to transport your animals. In pairs, work on this ethical dilemma. One of you is ready to accept the car dealer’s offer, one of you isn’t. Discuss the situation, consider arguments for or against such a solution and come to a conclusion. 2 Can make his/her opinions and reactions understood as regards possible solutions or the question of what to do next, giving brief reasons and explanations. (B1) Can summarise, report and give his/her opinion about accumulated factual information on familiar routine and non- routine matters within his/her field with some confidence. (B1) Writing: A blog comment on Operation Homeless Camps You have read the report on a questionable police operation in a blog about the town where you live. by M. Kelsay 11 May, 8:09 a.m. Sheriff Dennis Kucinich admits that it is not a crime to be homeless in Thurston County. Still, on Monday morning he spearheaded a campaign to break up 20 homeless camps along Lakeridge Drive. For five and a half hours, approximately 70 officers from nine agencies, including a private helicopter, forced the homeless off public lands. Law enforcement officers say that they were reacting to the recent rape of a 15-year-old girl who was attacked on the greenway on May 4. You have decided to comment on this blog post. In your blog comment you should: • argue for respect for any human being • discuss prejudices against homeless people • suggest sensible steps to deal with the problem Write around 200 words . 3 Language in use: Simple and progressive forms Fill in the verbs in the text below. Pay extra attention to which tense is needed in each gap. is running included has escaped hasn’t got have been volunteering looks have had have loved wanted made got are starting I … 1 animals ever since I was a kid, and while I was growing up we had lots of pets. But my parents were really worried when they realised my love of animals … 2 the not-so cuddly animals, too. At one point I really … 3 my own snake – a python. “Erin, you … 4 to get on my nerves with this python idea,” my mum would say. “I don’t want to come home one day and •nd that your “friend” … 5 from its terrarium! What if it … 6 a new home in my bed?! How about getting a job at a pet shop? Just don’t bring anything home that … 7 fur!” „e owner of the local pet shop didn’t have a job for me – but he had an idea: “What about the animal shelter? „ey … 8 a lot of problems with exotic snakes lately. „e shelter … 9 more calls in the past six months than in the previous six years. A friend of mine … 10 the shelter. She can’t pay you; it would be volunteer work. But remember: Volunteering … 11 good on a CV!” I … 12 at the shelter for over two years now, and I love it. 4 59 Nur zu Prüfzwecken – Eigentum des Verlags öbv