Prime Time 8. Coursebook plus Semester Self-checks, Schulbuch

widescreen televisions. And these days, beer mats caution “Smoking can damage your health” or “Drink sensibly and moderately”. While many people still enjoy a drink, there is no question that co«ee is the new wine. Ireland’s coastal cafes, †lled with communal gossip and electro chatter, are places for the mass medication of the population. People are not just addicted to ca«eine, they worship it; co«ee-fuelled shopping is holding entire towns together and … 4 . My trip drew to a close at Kinsale at a row of †shermen’s cottages known as World’s End. Its name comes from the location of World’s End Gate marked on early maps. It was reassuring to †nd that Kinsale … 5 , like e Spaniard , a historic bar from 1703 with loose chippings sprinkled on the slate ’oor to soak up spillages. One of the regulars told me that when two Americans recently visited the bar, they were informed that the chippings were the remains of a furniture †ght from the previous night; they hurriedly †nished their drinks and le˜. (Paul Clements, Wandering Ireland’s wild Atlantic way ; abridged) 60 65 70 75 A the cafe has become a community hub 0 B B and their generosity pulled me through 1 C still has as many pubs as in 1991 2 D new roads were built to improve transportation 3 E 500 new pubs were opened 4 F I wanted to see how the west coast has changed 5 G built with little or no planning control H nearly 1,000 pubs closed throughout Ireland ✔ Can scan quickly through long and complex texts, locating relevant details. (B2) Language in use: Finding one’s family Read the text about a man finding his family after 61 years. In most lines (1–17) there is a word that should not be there. Write these words in the spaces provided. 3–5 lines are correct. Make a ✔ in the space if the line is correct. There are two examples (0, 00) at the beginning. A man who was abandoned in a cinema toilet cubicle decades ago ✔ 0 has been met his half-brothers and sister for the †rst time. been 00 Bob Connelly was found in the one ladies’ toilet at Odeon cinema in 1 in Dublin in March 1956. He has never managed to track down with his 2 mother, but a DNA database helped him out to †nd his late father’s 3 other children, who live in the north west Ireland today. 4 Bob discovered he has at least four surviving brothers and a sister. 5 He told for BBC it had been “extremely surreal” to discover 6 he had a long-lost family in around Mayo and to speak to his half-brother 7 Pete Chalmers on the phone. He says to meeting them for the †rst time 8 was the “most profound experience”. Bob met with Pete and half-sister Mary 9 McCain at Galway airport earlier this month. He says, “I arrived at the 10 airport and I was really nervous. I spotted to them and I felt my face 11 break into a huge grin. I just had to touch them to make it for real.” 12 Pete, who lives at Burghead in Moray, and Mary, who lives in Ban«, 13 took in their new brother to meet other relatives, including another 14 brother in Turri«, where their father had been lived most of his life. 15 Bob says, “ere could be somebody else out there who is not part of 16 this story and I’d love to meet them.” 17 3 19 Nur zu Prüfzwecken – Eig ntum des Verlags öbv