English Unlimited HAK/HUM 1, Schulbuch

Choose one situation and think of things to ask about. Then work in pairs and ask each other for information and recommendations. Example: A: Have you been to that new club in town? B: No, but have you tried … ? Keyword: at Add the highlighted expressions to the table. 1 I was at boarding school in England at the time. 4 I usually go to bed at midnight. 2 Middle children are good at meeting new people. 5 My sister works as a nurse at the hospital. 3 I met Ed when he was 16. I was at his father’s house. 6 She wasn’t at the party. Times Places Group events Good at … at 7.00 at the moment at home, at work at my parents’ flat at a lecture at a match good at English not very good at swimming Add at to sentences 1–6. Find someone who: 1 was a party last night. 4 often works the weekend. 2 met their girlfriend or boyfriend school. 5 was a music festival recently. 3 is reading a good book the moment. 6 is good sport. Use the sentences in 25a to ask questions to other students. Try to find out more information. Example: A: Were you at a party last night? B: Yes, I was. A: Where was it? Keyword: take take with nouns Complete the sentences with these words. 1 OK, and do you prefer taking in a drink or tablets? 2 Do not take more than four in 24 hours. 3 Sorry, he isn’t here at the moment … Can I take a ? 4 And would you like to take a around Sydney harbour? You can use take to talk about travel and medicine. Find examples above. Can you think of more examples? 23 You’re taking a visitor out. Think of some places to ask other students about. 1 You’d like to buy some really cool clothes. Think of some shops you’d like to ask other students about. 4 You want to do a new sport or activity. Think of some sports and activities you’ve never tried. 2 You’re thinking about going on holiday somewhere different. Think of some places you’ve never been to. 5 You’d like to take some interesting books on holiday with you. Think of some books you’ve heard of, but haven’t read. 3 24 25 a at b 26 a boat trip message medicine tablets b 136 Language skills Extras Explore 11 Experiences Nur zu Prüfzwecken – Eigentum des Verlags öbv