English Unlimited HAK/HUM 1, Schulbuch

Explore writing: An email to an old friend Have you ever tried to find old friends? You can use social networks or people-search websites. You can sign up, search for friends online and contact them by email. Read the emails. Where did Tom, Marek and Jessie become friends? Where are they now? Read the emails in 27 again and find out: 1 what Tom and Marek did in the past. 2 about their lives now. 3 what they’d like to do or are planning to do in the future. 27 From: Marek To: Tom Subject: Hi again Hi, It’s good to hear from you, Tom. I’m glad you found me online. After school I decided to go back to Poland and spend some time with my family in Poznan. It only took me a few months to find a job in a local IT store, so I moved into a small flat of my own. Now, ten years later, I have a great job managing an internet business, which is a lot of fun. I also have a wonderful wife; you’ll never guess who I’m married to – Jessie. I really fancied her at school, but we didn’t see each other for years. Eventually we got in touch online. She came to see me, and we got married last year. Jessie’s an architect and is doing very well. If you’d like to visit Poland, give us a call. We would be happy to see you again. By the way, have you heard from Debbie? Jessie wants to get in touch with her. Take care, Marek From: Tom To: Marek Subject: Hi again Hi Marek, I was so pleased when your name came up on the people search page. It’s great to get in touch again. After my parents’ divorce, I moved to Liverpool. I started school there but soon dropped out. I didn’t know what to do, so I decided to start working in a music shop. That was really cool and got me interested in music from different countries, so after a year or so I decided to travel. I saw most of Europe and even went to Morocco to find out about their local music. That was great! Then I spent a year in China working as a waiter and doing all kinds of odd jobs. One day my landlady asked me if I could give English lessons – imagine me teaching English. Surprisingly, I enjoyed it a lot and since then I have been teaching English at a small private language school. There I also met my Chinese girlfriend. In a few years’ time we’d like to get married and have children. What’s your news? It would be great to hear from you. Best, Tom PS: Do you remember Jessie Morgan? I always liked her. She was so ambitious at school. I’d love to know what she’s doing now. Structure: Structure your email: separate your ideas using paragraphs 1 paragraph = 1 idea. Greetings: · · Informal greeting phrases: Hi / Hello / Dear. · · You can also simply state the person’s name followed by a comma (,) or nothing at all. Tenses: Use the past simple to speak about finished time periods (last year, for some time after school …). Closing: Informal closing phrases: Best, / Take care, / Cheers, See you soon, / Love, / Yours, Tenses: Use the present perfect tense to talk about things that started in the past and are not finished yet. 28 Writing coach 150 Language skills Extras Explore 12 Choices Nur zu Prüfzwecken – Eigentum des Verlags öbv