English Unlimited HAK/HUM 1, Schulbuch

Unit 5, exercise 3c Unit 5, exercise 24 Unit 3, exercise 31c book1 [bïk] noun 1 a set of pages with writing on them fastened together in a cover: I’ve just read a really good book. 2 a set of pages fastened together in a cover and used for writing on: an address book book2 [bïk] verb to arrange to use or do something at a time in the future: I’ve booked a hotel room. ■ We’ve booked a trip to Spain for next month. match1 [métS] noun (pl. matches) 1 a sports competition in which two people or teams compete against each other: a football match 2 a thin, wooden stick which makes fire when you rub one end of it against a rough surface: a box of matches match2 [métS] verb If two things match, they are the same colour or type: I can’t find anything to match my green shirt. ■ Your socks don’t match. Student A Hazelwood, Dublin 9, North Dublin City ■■ share with four other students (but own bathroom) ■■ television, phone, internet ■■ central heating not included ■■ washing machine ■■ dishwasher ■■ near bus stop to city centre ■■ parking ■■ no smoking ■■ visits 9 a.m. –1 p.m., weekends only Interviewer: So I’m joined by Katie Smith, manager of the new Whitewater shopping mall in North London. Welcome Katie! Katie: Hi, thanks for having me. Interviewer: Congratulations on the opening today, erm, what was the guiding philosophy behind the mall? Katie: Well, the main idea was to have everything under one roof. And it’s a very beautiful roof, by the way, which lets in lots of light. Interviewer: If the sun is shining … Katie: Right, that’s not guaranteed here in North London! But we have lots of different shops here, for instance in our clothes shops, we have all the latest brands in menswear and womenswear, and we have shops that sell everything from sportswear to evening dresses. Interviewer: So from sports shops to shops for prom dresses! Katie: Absolutely, and we also have a lot of shoe shops, so you can find the right pair to match your clothes. Interviewer: Can you buy accessories here too? Katie: Of course, we have many retailers of jewellery and bags as well. These shops also sell many different kinds of suitcases, so you will be OK no matter how much luggage you take on holiday. Interviewer: Do you have any entertainment outlets? What if I want to buy some video games? Katie: Yes, we have many shops covering media, including music, video games and films. Most of them are on the first floor, so you can get there using the escalators. Interviewer: How much demand is there for physical media in the internet age? I don’t like DVDs. I think streaming is so much easier. Katie: Well, of course, many people these days choose to stream their films, games and music, but we feel that there is still a demand for expertise. Our sales assistants have so much knowledge they can use to help our customers. Some information can only be found out by asking a person. For example, we also have a car show room where our experts can explain to you the differences between a Ferrari and a Lada. Interviewer: Oh really, that’s great. Well, I know I’d rather have a Ferrari than a Lada. How many customers do you expect each week? Katie: Our estimates vary, but I can say that we expect that much of our business will be at weekends. Interviewer: What about restaurants? Can I get some food here? Katie: Yes of course, we have lots of restaurants catering to different tastes, such as Indian, Thai and Italian. Interviewer: What about Vietnamese? I prefer Vietnamese to Thai. Katie: Actually no, we don’t have any Vietnamese restaurants, but we have almost everything else. There’s not much we don’t have. We also have an organic candy store that sells everything from vegan chocolate to sugar free lollipops. I like them because they are not so sweet. 158 A Activities Nur zu Prüfzwecken – Eigentum des Verlags öbv