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Explore writing: An email requesting something Read the emails in 20 and circle the correct answer. 1 Tim is in Istanbul / Australia / Croatia . 2 He wants to stay with Erkan in Turkey / return to Australia / meet Erkan in Croatia . 3 He offers Erkan information about museums / a gift from Zagreb / some food . Look at the highlighted expressions in the emails. Which are greetings? Which are goodbyes? Read the emails and compare the informal and the more formal requests. 19 20 From: Tim To: Erkan Subject: Visit Dear Erkan, My name’s Tim and I’m from Australia. You can check my profile on Sofasurfing.com. I’m in Croatia now and would like to come to Istanbul. Could I stay with you on August 1 and 2? A couple of questions: if I stay, can I use your kitchen? Also, could you tell me about museums in Istanbul? Thanks and bye, Tim From: Erkan To: Tim Subject: Re: Visit Hi Tim, August 1–2 is no problem for my family and me. Of course, you can use our kitchen. I have lots of information about museums. You can read it when you’re here. Looking forward to meeting you. Best wishes, Erkan From: Tim To: Erkan Subject: Re: Re: Visit Hi again, Thanks very much, Erkan. Would you like something from Zagreb? See you soon. Tim 21 a From: Phil To: Sarah Subject: Dogsitting Hi Sarah, How are things? Could you please do me a favour next weekend? I am going to Budapest with the family and need someone to look after Benny. The hotel there does not allow dogs. l I know you really like Benny. I would fill the fridge for you and leave the complete series of The Ridge on blue ray on the sofa. You could ask Meg over and do some binge watching. Please let me know if you can help. I hope I can return the favour sometime. Cheers, Phil From: Phil To: Ms Robson Subject: Place at your dog hotel Dear Ms Robson, My name is Phil and I live close to your dog hotel. I am going to Budapest with my family from 13 to 15 February and need someone to look after my dog, Benny, during that time. Unfortunately, the hotel there does not allow dogs. It would be great if Benny could stay with your team at such short notice. Would you please let me know if you have space for Benny? I would bring him around 12.00 pm on Friday. Should I bring anything else apart from food and the leash? Looking forward to hearing from you. Best wishes, Phil Tel. +44 680 3699 0053 Purpose: Say why you are writing. Be clear about what you need. Content: Explain details and ask additional questions. Closing: Include a closing remark and then sign off. Writing coach 30 Language skills Extras Explore 2 Away from home Nur zu Prüfzwecken – Eigentum des Verlags öbv