English Unlimited HAK/HUM 1, Schulbuch

Media task. Use your smartphone and record yourself talking about your favourite place. Now write down five questions about your favourite place and ask your partner these questions. Can he/she answer them correctly when listening to your recording? 1 2 3 4 5 25 Explore reading: Leaflets for language holidays Read the three leaflets for language holidays. Which three countries can you study in? Read the language holiday leaflets. Some parts are missing. Choose the correct part (A–I) for each gap (1–6). There are two extra parts that you should not use. Write your answers in the boxes provided. The first one (0) has been done for you. TIP: Make sure you check which kind of word goes before and comes after the gap. 26 27 · Live with your teacher’s family ·  Study one-to-one with your teacher Flexible study courses for adults (over 18): · 10–25 hours a week · 2–10 weeks Our homestay courses include visits to places of interest. You can add activities to your course – golf, tennis and watersports are available. Some of our teachers have specialised knowledge of subjects like (1) . We can offer English courses based on the vocabulary of these subjects. Learn English in Ireland with (0) (2) Cape Town, South Africa. Good Hope Studies was one of the first English-language schools in Cape Town, South Africa, and offers junior language courses from 14 to 16 years and adult classes from 17 plus. You can study the following English language courses at this school: · standard courses · intensive courses · Cambridge Exam preparation courses The courses are offered all year round. Last year, students from 50 different countries learned (3) . We hope to see you here soon! Study English at Bell Malta Language Centre if you want to combine (4) . Malta is a major centre for English-language teaching. English is an official language, and (5) . Malta is the perfect choice if you want to study English while enjoying a holiday in the Mediterranean. Bell Malta is a modern building situated in St Julian’s. It is close to the beach and numerous restaurants, cafés and bars. Top courses ·  English Pathways: 21 hours a week of intensive general English · Summer English: (6) aged 16–22 years ·  Business English: 25 hours a week of intensive business English Accommodation available with local families. A B C 32 Language skills Extras Explore 2 Away from home Nur zu Prüfzwecken – Eigentum des Verlags öbv