English Unlimited HAK/HUM 1, Schulbuch

Match pictures A–F (p. 60) to sentences 1–6 in the table. Read through Katie’s interview on p. 158 and underline the nouns after much, many, some, lots of and a lot of. Put the expressions in the columns. Which are countable and which are uncountable? Many Much Some A lot of/lots of suitcases luggage information light Make three rules. 1 You can use many, a / an and numbers with A countable and uncountable nouns. 2 You can use much with B countable nouns. 3 You can use some and a lot of with C uncountable nouns. Circle the correct words. 1 How many / much tomatoes would you like? 2 How many / much milk do you have in your tea? 3 Would you like a / some rice? 4 I’d like an / some apple, please. 5 I buy a lot of / a bread every week. 6 Can you buy some banana / bananas ? 7 I’d like some lettuce / lettuces in my sandwich. 8 I need six tomato / tomatoes . Match 1–4 with A–D. 1 I prefer A because they aren’t so sweet. 2 I’d rather B Vietnamese to Thai. 3 I like them C have a Ferrari than a Lada. 4 I don’t like DVDs. D I think streaming is easier. Look at the choices below, and talk to your partner about which you prefer. ■■ 3D or 2D video games ■■ swimming pools vs the beach ■■ action films vs comedy ■■ shopping online vs going shopping ■■ skateboarding vs skiing ■■ classical music vs pop music b Countable Uncountable How many carrots do you want? How much rice do we need? 1 I’m wearing a T-shirt. 4 I prefer cotton to polyester. 2 I’d like a glass of milk, please. 5 Have some milk if you like. 3 I eat a lot of carrots. 6 I eat lots of rice. 1 Grammar reference and practice, p. 169 c 4 5 6 Vocabulary Talking about preferences and giving reasons 7 Speaking Language skills Extras Explore 5 What would you like? 61 Nur zu Prüfzwecken – Eigentum des Verlags öbv