English Unlimited HAK/HUM 1, Schulbuch

Sorry, we’re just having dinner Ask and answer the questions in pairs. 1 How many phone calls do you usually get every day? 3 What kind of calls do you enjoy? Which don’t you enjoy? 2 Who calls you? 4 How do you feel when you are busy and get a lot of calls? Example: When I’m busy, I don’t enjoy … Look at the picture of Julie and her family. How do you think her parents feel? Why? Listen to Julie talking to various people on the phone. Number the calls in the order you hear them. a friend her employer her best friend Lynne a market researcher a classmate Who does she say these things to? 1 I’m awfully sorry, I can’t. 4 Sorry, but I’ve no idea either. 2 Sorry, we’re just having dinner. 5 Well, actually, I’m quite busy right now. 3 Can I give you a ring later? Add these expressions to the right group 1–3. Sorry, but I’m I’m afraid I’m Well, actually, I’m Sorry, but we’re (1) in the middle of dinner. + preposition not (2) interested. + adjective (3) having a party for my mum’s birthday. + -ing Can you think of more ideas? Role play. In pairs, plan and practise four short telephone conversations. Say why you cannot do these things. 1 Your mother asks: Can you do the shopping for me? 2 Your friend asks: I’m going to the gym now. Do you want to come? 3 Your teacher says: I’d like you to help me carry these books to the library. 4 A salesperson says: We’re having a special sale of trainers. Would you like to buy some? 14 Speaking 15 Listening a b b4x349 26 16 17 Vocabulary Saying you’re busy a not feeling well writing an essay watching a film busy making dinner in a study group studying for an exam tired on the internet b 18 Speaking Language skills Extras Explore 6 Work and leisure 75 Nur zu Prüfzwecken – Eigentum des Verlags öbv