English Unlimited HAK/HUM 1, Schulbuch

Personal characteristics Read through the descriptions of the different signs of the zodiac. ■■ What signs do your family members have? ■■ What are they like? Aries  Aries are adventurous and creative, but can also be temperamental. SCORPIO  Scorpios are enthusiastic and practical, but can also be impatient. LIBRA  Librans are kind and protective, but can also be possessive. CAPRICORN  Capricorns are analytical and witty, but can also be nervous. TAURUS  Taureans are funny and outgoing, but can also be irritable. Sagittarius  Sagittarians are reliable and friendly, but can also be jealous. PISCES  Pisces are dependable and supportive, but can also be indecisive. AQUARIUS  Aquarians are entertaining and charming, but can also be moody. GEMINI  Geminis are caring and adaptable, but can also be anxious. LEO  Leos are independent and ambitious, but can also be hotheaded. CANCER  Cancerians are hardworking and loyal, but can also be unforgiving. VIRGO  Virgos are intelligent and optimistic, but can also be stubborn. Read the descriptions again and highlight all the adjectives. Use a dictionary to check their meaning. Adjectives What are you like? Describe yourself and complete the sentence by using adjectives from 12a. “I’m and , but I can also be .” Work in A/B pairs. ■■ A, ask B “What are you like?” B, describe yourself, your character traits with adjectives from 12a. ■■ A, can you guess B’s star sign or is it completely different? ■■ Then change roles. 12 a Vocabulary Personality b c 13 Language skills Extras Explore 7 What’s she like? 87 Nur zu Prüfzwecken – Eigentum des Verlags öbv