English Unlimited HAK/HUM 1, Schulbuch

Nina is asking for personal details. Write down your answers. ■■ What’s your name? ■■ How do you spell that? ■■ What’s your home address? ■■ And what’s your phone number? ■■ What’s your email address, please? ■■ What’s your nationality? ■■ What languages do you speak? ■■ Do you have Skype? I would need your Skype name as well, please. ■■ Please also tell me what your favourite hobbies are. Role play. Interview your partner. Cover the questions and look at your neighbour’s answers. Say the questions. Complete the table below. Subject pronouns Possessive adjectives I your he her its we their Look at the table above. Complete the sentences with the words in brackets. 1 How do spell surname? (you, your) 2 A: What’s email address? B: Sorry, aren’t on the internet. (they, their) 3 A: Where’s from? B: He’s Irish, but father’s from the USA. (he, his) 4 A: What’s name? B: Karen. ’s John’s mother. (she, her) 5 A: Do speak English? B: Yes, but mother tongue is German. (you, my) 6 A: Do need our passports? B: No, only student cards. (we, our) Read Anna-Lena and Philipp’s profiles. What schools do they go to now? 6 Vocabulary Asking for personal information a js34ik 3 b 7 Grammar refresher Possessive adjectives 1 Grammar reference and practice, p. 162 8 you your 9 a Reading Picture dictionary, Study subjects, p. 181 Name: Anna-Lena Berger Age: 15 School now: College of business administration, HAK Maygasse, Wien Old schools: New secondary school: KMS Neubaugasse, Wien Primary school: VS Neustiftgasse, Wien Nursery school: Privatkindergarten Neustiftgasse, Wien Favourite subjects: Maths, biology, P. E. Name: Philipp Rot Age: 14 School now: College of tourism, HBLA Oberwart, Burgenland Old schools: Academic secondary school: BG/RG Oberschützen, Burgenland Primary school: VS Oberwart Nursery school: Städtischer Kindergarten, Oberwart Favourite subjects: Art, English, history Language skills Extras Explore 0 About you 9 Nur zu Prüfzwecken – Eigentum des Verlags öbv