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Explore writing: A blog comment giving an opinion How many people in the class are: 1 first-born children? 2 last-born children? 3 middle children? 4 only children? Read the blog entry. According to Michael Grose, which children are usually: ■■ artistic and creative? ■■ confident? ■■ ambitious and serious? ■■ relaxed and outgoing? Read four blog comments about the blog entry. Who agrees with Michael Grose? Who disagrees? Complete the expressions for giving opinions. 1 I with Michael Grose. 4 , I think Michael Grose is right. 2 I don’t agree the writer. 5 I agree with some of Grose’s ideas, I think … 3 I the important thing is that … Write a blog comment giving your opinion about the blog entry. Use expressions from 29. Then read other students’ comments. Do you agree with each other? 26 27 http:\\www.mediawatch.com by Tom First borns “are more ambitious” “First-born children are more ambitious than their brothers and sisters,” says parenting expert Michael Grose in his new book Why first-borns rule the world and last-borns want to change it. First-borns are serious and hard-working and many become lawyers or doctors. He says only children are similar to first-borns. They are confident but need to learn to share with other people. Middle children are relaxed and outgoing, have more friends and are good at meeting new people. Last-born children are often artistic and creative but need to learn to take responsibility. He believes a child’s position in the family is connected to personality, behaviour, learning and work. 28 http:\\www.mediawatch.com W Chen, Hong Kong w.chen@zmail.com I agree with Michael Grose. Here, first-born children have to look after younger brothers and sisters, so they’re usually more serious. The last-borns are more creative because they can do what they want. Middle children need to be good with people because they’re less popular than the ‘important’ first child and ‘special’ last child. Erika, Ljubljana e.kranic@zmail.com I don’t agree with the writer. I think the important thing is that our brothers and sisters are happy and we look after each other. We all need to learn to share and be responsible for ourselves and help other people. Your position in the family isn’t important. Your comments Paul, Canada p.morris@kmail.com Personally, I think Michael Grose is right. I was the first-born child, so I had to work hard to help our family when we had problems. My younger brother didn’t do anything! My parents said he was too small. Eduardo Lopez, Mexico City e.lopez@kmail.com I’m the fifth of six children, so what about me? Am I a ‘middle child’? My eldest brother’s a writer, I’m an architect and have my own company, and my youngest sister’s a very good doctor. I agree with some of Grose’s ideas, but I don’t think the job you get is connected to birth order. You can’t become a lawyer or doctor if your family’s too poor to pay for the education and training. 29 30 92 Language skills Extras Explore 7 What’s she like? Nur zu Prüfzwecken – Eigentum des Verlags öbv