English Unlimited HTL 1, Schulbuch

In a flat Nicola and her mother, Carole, share a flat. Look at the pictures. What rooms can you see? Match the things with a –w in the pictures. a bath bedclothes a bedside table a book shelf a bunk bed a chair a computer a cooker cutlery a desk a drawer a fridge a kitchen bin a mirror a plant plates pots and pans a rug a sofa a tea towel towels a wardrobe a washing machine Listen to Nicola and make notes. ■■ What is her favourite room? ■■ What does it look like? ■■ What does she do there? 22 a Vocabulary Things in the home a bedroom a bathroom a dining room a kitchen a living room a bedroom and study 1 a b d c e h f g 4 q r s t 5 u v w 2 i k l j 3 m n o p b 33b5nf 23 Listening 14 44 Language skills Extras Explore 3 Your time, your space! Nur zu Prüfzwecken – Eigentum des Verlags öbv