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Starting out A food pyramid is an outline1 of what to eat each day. Look at the picture above. What kinds of food can you see? Report to a partner. You should eat a lot of the food at the bottom2 of the pyramid, but only a little of the upper3 parts. Complete the food pyramid with the correct texts. 1 H 2 Unit 9 Milk, yoghurt and cheese group 2–3 servings4/day Meat, fish, eggs and oil group 2–3 servings/week Drinks (without sugar) 1.5–2 litres/day Fruit group 2–3 servings/day Fats and sweets Use sparingly5 Bread, cereal, rice and pasta group 4 servings/day Vegetable group 2–3 servings/day Animals and their meat have got different names. Match the correct words. 3 1 B calf 2 pig 3 lamb 4 hen 5 cow 6 deer A beef B veal C venison D pork E chicken F mutton 1 outline: Leitfaden 2 bottom: Boden 3 upper: obere 4 serving: Portion 5 sparing(ly): sparsam Food 100 Ó worksheet x4zw8f Nur zu Prüfzwecken – Eigentum des Verlags öbv