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Reading Read the article and answer the questions. Workbook, p 12, ex. 9, 10 1 What jobs does it name? Make a Iist. (Tip: There are nine.) 2 Which job is the most dangerous job in the USA? Read the article again and answer the questions in full sentences. 1 Where do timber cutters have to work? They . 2 What do fishermen in Alaska catch in winter? They . 3 What do steel workers in the USA build? They . 4 Why do crop sprayers have a dangerous job? They . 5 What do cycle couriers deliver to offices in the city? They . 6 Why do truck drivers fall asleep on the road? They . Talk about these office workers. lt’s morning in New York. These office workers are in the subway. They are “commuters” and they are travelling to work. Think about their job. What’s different for an office worker? Report to a partner/to the class: 15 16 17 H Office workers don’t have a dangerous job. They don’t have to work in ice and snow on a small boat. They don’t have to … . Think about your school. Finish the sentences. 1 At my school, I must/have to . 2 I don’t have to . 3 We mustn’t . 18 Unit 2 · Jobs 23 Nur zu Prüfzwecken – Eigentum des Verlags öbv