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Match the parts of the body with the correct symptoms. Workbook p. 15, ex. 5 9 1 J head 2 ears 3 nose 4 eyes 5 stomach 6 arm 7 leg 8 throat 9 neck 10 teeth A It’s stuffed up. I’m sneezing a lot. B It’s very sore. I can’t eat anything. C They hurt and they’re watery. I think I have got the flu. D It’s very sore. I can hardly move my head. E I hurt it at the football game. I can’t stand on it. F It’s aching. I think I ate something bad. G They hurt. I can’t hear so well. H They really hurt. I must go to the dentist. I I think it’s broken. My elbow hurts as well. J It’s aching. I need an aspirin. Have and feel. Write the words into the correct box. 10 a headache ill a stomachache the flu sad terrible happy an earache great a sore throat fine a cough a toothache bad Natalie: Hi Brian. How are you? Brian: I terrible. Natalie: Why? What’s wrong? Brian: I a headache and I a stuffed-up nose. Natalie: Oh no. I think you the flu. Brian: Yes, I think so. I also a really bad cough. I am going to see the doctor now. Natalie: I hope you get well soon. Brian: Thanks. I have (got) I feel a headache ill Complete the dialogue using have (got) or feel. 11 Unit 3 · Sports and health 29 Listening Tip We use have with a noun and feel with an adjective. Nur zu Prüfzwecken – Eigentum des Verlags öbv