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Reading Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the verb. 12 call make be (5x) have (3x) start (2x) wear (2x) 1 The first sports shoes were called “plimsolls” and they were very simple. 2 Plimsolls a flat rubber sole and a canvas top. 3 The U.S. Rubber Company the first comfortable plimsolls in 1917. 4 The company the trainers “Keds”. 5 In 1924, Adi and Rudolf Dassler Adidas. 6 Adidas trainers spikes. 7 They for athletes. 8 Lots of athletes Adidas trainers in the Olympic Games. 9 Soon Adidas sports shoes famous. 10 In the 1950s, James Dean trainers and jeans in a film. 11 After his film, trainers “in” – and cheap! 12 Companies like Nike making hi-tech trainers in the ’60s and ’70s. 13 These hi-tech trainers air in the soles. 14 They very comfortable – but also expensive. Read the text about trainers again and underline the verbs. Write them in your exercise book, then write the present form of the verbs. Example: started – start Make questions about trainers. 1 when – the U.S. Rubber Company – make the first comfortable plimsolls When did the U.S. Rubber Company make the first comfortable plimsolls? 2 what – people – call – comfortable plimsolls 3 when – Adi and Rudolf Dassler – start – Adidas 4 when – athletes – use – Adidas shoes – in the Olympic Games 5 why – people – wear – trainers – in the 1930s and ’40s 6 what – James Dean – wear – in a film Answer the questions. Example: They made the first comfortable plimsolls in 1917. 13 14 15 43 Unit 4 · Then and now Nur zu Prüfzwecken – Eigentum des Verlags öbv