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Listen again and tick the correct statements. 1 Jeff Bezos is an investor in Uber and Airbnb. 2 Bezos’ daughter is adopted from China. 3 Even as a child, he always sold things. 4 After he attended Yale University he started working. 5 Jeff Bezos bought the newspaper The Washington Post. 6 He wants to travel into outer space. 7 Jeff Bezos is a great Star Wars fan. 8 The Bezos Family Foundation helps rich children. Finish the text about Jeff Bezos’ first business, the Dream Institute. Circle the correct option. Cross out the wrong option. Workbook p. 25, ex. 2 During high school, Jeff Bezos work worked at a McDonald’s restaurant for one summer. His job was to cook hamburgers. But he doesn’t didn’t like the work there, so the next summer he sets up set up his first business. Together with his girlfriend, Ursula Werner, he starts started a summer camp for children in fourth, fifth and sixth grade. They called it the Dream Institute. They offer offered courses in literature and in science. The camp lasts lasted for two weeks and costs cost 600 dollars per child. They reads read books like The Lord of the Rings, Black Beauty, Gulliver’s Travels and David Copperfield and discussed things like space travel. They also learned very practical things like how to use used a camera. Jeff Bezos himself learns learned during that summer that he liked being his own boss much more than being a worker at McDonald’s. From that time on it is was his dream to start his own business as an adult. Look at these successful people and talk to your partner about them. Workbook p. 25, ex. 3 6 14Ó listening e8n42g 7 8 H Arnold Schwarzenegger Mark Zuckerberg Greta Thunberg Kate Middleton Bill Gates J.K. Rowling Michelle Obama Cristiano Ronaldo 49 Unit 5 · Success stories Listening Ask like this: Who is the person? What does he or she do? Why do you think that he or she is so successful? Answer like this: I think he’s/she’s … . I think he’s/she’s so successful because … . I think he/she works as … . Nur zu Prüfzwecken – Eigentum des Verlags öbv