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Reading Read Claudia’s letter of application and match the sentence halves. 10 1 D Claudia is applying 2 She enjoys working 3 She speaks 4 At the moment she 5 She will finish 6 She did a taster course 7 She is available for 8 She looks A is doing her prevocational year. B school next July. C an interview at any time. D for a job as a waitress. E with people and is prepared to work hard. F English very well and understands some French. G forward to hearing from the hotel. H at a hotel in Linz last year. Write your own letter of application. Use one of the job advertisements on page 56. Use a computer if possible. Look at the list of dos and don’ts for a letter of application and fill in the words from the boxes below. Workbook p. 32, ex. 8 1 Keep your letter short . 2 Don’t forget to the letter. 3 Don’t write a introduction. 4 Write simple . 5 Don’t your letter of application without your CV. 6 Write the company address. 7 Don’t send a letter of application with spelling . 8 Don’t your name and contact information. 11 12 sign forget correct boring errors short sentences send Unscramble the words and write them. 13 1 GHIELSN ENGLISH 2 PLAYP 3 IVENRETWI 4 VTIMEATEDRSNE 5 HSOLOC OTPERR 6 IEBALAVLA 7 FLYATFIHUL 8 TEAPRPICNE 63 Unit 6 · Fit for the future Nur zu Prüfzwecken – Eigentum des Verlags öbv