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Job A carpenter must … • build wooden houses and huts. • build wooden stairs. • build roof frameworks. • read technical drawings. Carpenter On the job Woodwork Match the jobs with the definitions. 1 Apprenticeships • boatbuilder • carpenter • cooper • joiner • joinery technician • ski manufacturer • wainwright • wood turner Additional subjects at school • applied informatics • scientific basics and practice • technical drawing • specialised knowledge • specialised training 1 A cooper 2 A wood turner 3 A joiner 4 A ski manufacturer 5 A wainwright 6 A joinery technician 7 A carpenter 8 A boatbuilder builds wooden houses, huts, stairs and roof frameworks. produces wooden vehicles, tools and garden furniture. builds boats out of wood and plastic. produces skis out of wood, plastic or metal. 1 produces and repairs wooden barrels. produces things out of wood using new technologies. uses a lathe to create toys, souvenirs and furniture. makes furniture out of wood. Advantages • You can set up your own business. • You are a member of a team. • It’s an exciting job. • You have the possibility to work abroad. Requirements A carpenter should … • not be afraid of heights. • be good at technical drawing. • be good with his/her hands. • have a good physical condition. Disadvantages • You have few chances of promotion. • You have to stand a lot. • The wages are low. • You must be patient. 72 Nur zu Prüfzwecken – Eigentum des Verlags öbv