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Job A painter and coating engineer must … • paint and decorate walls. • take off old wallpapers and hang new ones. • prepare surfaces for painting. • restore old paint. Painter and coating engineer On the job Construction Match the jobs with the definitions. 1 Apprenticeships • bricklayer • chimney sweeper • construction draftsperson • floor layer • painter and coating engineer • paver • plate and tile setter • stonemason Additional subjects at school • applied informatics • scientific basics and practice • technical drawing • specialised knowledge • specialised training lays floor coverings. builds houses and other buildings. lays plates and tiles made of ceramic and stone. cleans chimneys with a brush. 1 builds things out of stone. paints and decorates walls. creates plans in an office. lays stones and builds streets and pavements. 1 A stonemason 2 A plate and tile setter 3 A floor layer 4 A bricklayer 5 A chimney sweeper 6 A construction draftsperson 7 A paver 8 A painter and coating engineer Advantages • You have good chances of promotion. • You work indoors and outdoors. • You are part of a team. • There are a lot of jobs. Requirements A painter and coating engineer should … • be creative. • not be afraid of heights. • have a feeling for colours. • be a good team player. Disadvantages • The wages are low. • The work is sometimes boring. • You have to work with chemicals. • You can meet difficult customers. 74 Nur zu Prüfzwecken – Eigentum des Verlags öbv