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Reading Do the quiz and check your result at the end. Then, discuss each question in a small group. 16 H ARE YOU A GOOD DIGITAL CITIZEN? 1 Are you interested in modern technology? a Yes, I love learning and reading about modern technology. b I’m interested in some modern technology but not everything. c I’m not interested in modern technology at all. 2 Do you know how to stay safe online? a Yes, I know a lot about my privacy settings and passwords and I am very careful. b I think I am safe, but I am not always sure about things like privacy settings. c I don’t think there are really dangers online. This doesn’t worry me. 3 Do you believe all the information you see on the internet? a No! I always check if information is true. b I don’t really think about whether or not the information is true. c I believe everything I read online. 4 How do you treat people online? a I always think carefully about what I do online. b I am polite most of the time, but I don’t always think before I do something online. Sometimes I try to be funny without really thinking about the consequences. c I don’t think much about what I do online. 5 Do you think before sharing a photo or video? a Yes, I always ask myself “Are there consequences if I share this photo or video?” If the answer is “yes”, I don’t share it. b That’s probably a good idea, but I don’t always do it. c I share whatever photos and videos I like. I don’t care about what people think. 6 Do you always follow your country’s laws online? a Yes. I make sure never to download illegal files, like music and video, or copy other people’s work. b I don’t know much about the online laws in my country, but I know not to copy music, videos or other people’s work. c I don’t think laws are important when you go online. There are no real consequences anyway. 86 Unit 7 · Media and technology Now check your answers. I answered mostly with “a”. Congratulations! You are a very good digital citizen. You are aware of the dangers of modern technology and try to use it in a safe and sensible way. You think before you do something online. Well done! I answered mostly with “b”. Your skills could be a little bit better. You are aware that there are laws and that the internet can be dangerous, but you don’t always think before doing something online. I answered mostly with “c”. Oh boy! You really need to work on your digital citizenship skills! There are a lot of tips online and you should know how to protect yourself. Ó worksheet ep8f32 Nur zu Prüfzwecken – Eigentum des Verlags öbv