kick off PTS, Coursebook

Write the questions. Use the correct possessive pronouns. Workbook p. 5, ex. 5 Example: My favourite food is lasagne. What’s your favourite food? 1 My favourite colour is blue. ? 2 My favourite band is U2. ? 3 My favourite sport is boxing. ? 4 My favourite drink is apple juice. ? 5 My favourite film is Lord of the Rings. ? 6 My favourite hobby is fishing. ? 7 My favourite clothes are jeans and sweaters. ? 8 My favourite subject is maths. ? 9 Work in pairs and ask questions. Workbook p. 5, ex. 4 Ask like this: 8 H Whose football is it? I you he we she they Whose bike is it? It’s my football. … Unit 1 · My profile 9 Listening Language in use Possessive pronouns Mit besitzanzeigenden Fürwörtern drückt man aus, wem etwas gehört. Personal pronoun Possessive pronoun Singular I you he/she/it my your his/her/its Plural we you they our your their Nur zu Prüfzwecken – Eigentum des Verlags öbv