kick off PTS, Coursebook

Starting out Look at the plan of the shopping centre. Remember as many shops as possible. Then close your books. How many shops can you remember? Workbook p. 39, ex. 1 Look at the plan again and make sentences. Example: Paper & More is a stationer’s. Work with a partner. Ask questions and give answers. Use the words in the box. Example: Where can you buy exercise books and pens? At the stationer’s. 1 2 3 H newspapers and magazines bread and rolls flowers and plants guitars and drums balls and skateboards shirts and jackets meat and sausages medicines and toothpaste a cup of coffee chocolate and lollies model cars and teddy bears bananas and potatoes fresh fish rings and watches mobile phones Unit 8 Tip “Stationer’s” is the short form for “stationer’s shop”. Shopping 90 Fresh Paul Tomato Miller‘s Mia‘s Bob Mob News & More Paper & More Body Works Elli‘s Café YeYe & Co. Luna MCI Music ‘ ‘ ‘ stationer‘s ENTRANCE boutique music shop bakery butcher‘s greengrocer‘s fishmonger‘s mobile phone shop cafeteria ‘ ‘ ‘ flower shop jeweller toy shop newsagent sports shop chemist‘s sweet shop ‘ ‘ Sports Universe Osiris Jewels Toys Unlimited Fairfield Shopping Centre Flowers & Dreams Ó worksheet 8bg646 Nur zu Prüfzwecken – Eigentum des Verlags öbv