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8 An informal email telling a story The following is a very personal story which Shirin shares with her friend. Writers give their stories a personal touch by mentioning their feelings and emotions. Underline all the expressions Shirin uses in her email to describe how she was feeling at different points in the story. The first example has been done for you. WRITING 1 Hi Anna, Thanks for your email. Reading it really made me miss going to the cinema with you – and Angelo’s, of course! I have already told you that my new school has many after-school clubs, and yesterday, I decided to go to the art club, where they make pottery. I was very excited about this – I think I’m really creative –, and I was looking forward to making cool art out of clay. Well, now I have a pretty embarrassing story to tell you. Everybody else in the group had already worked with clay before, and when I arrived at the studio, they were making these amazing sculptures. I was really impressed! The teacher suggested that I should start with something easier because I was new. (1) But I was unhappy with her suggestion, I wanted to make a sculpture, too. I had never worked with clay before, but I wasn’t worried. (2) I decided to make a flamingo because flamingos are pretty, and I was feeling very optimistic about my project. I decided to make the body, the legs, the neck and the head separately and stick it all together at the end. I was so focused on my work that I lost track of time, and I was surprised when the teacher suddenly told us to finish. (3) So I had to hurry. I quickly took the body of my flamingo, attached the legs and stood it up on my work table … Well, I think you can guess what happened next. The legs were too thin and the body was too heavy, and the whole thing collapsed and turned into this brown, slimy blob on my work table. I was so shocked! (4) Soon all the kids were pointing at my ‘sculpture’ and giggling. The teacher was distracted because she was busy putting the finished sculptures in a cupboard, but she noticed something was going on and looked over her shoulder at me and my flamingo and said, “Come on, Shirin, be quick, bring your frog over here!” Everybody burst out laughing when she said that, and we told the teacher what had happened. She got upset because she thought she had offended me. Writing tip When you tell a story, you should talk about what people are feeling, not just about what they are doing. Your story becomes more interesting that way! Unit 02 Me time Key Nur zu Prüfzwecken – Eigentum des Verlags öbv