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115  Compare the pictures.  Give examples of holidays young people like.  Describe your dream holiday. Speaking: Individual long turn The ‘individual long turn’ is part of many language exams. This task type requires you to talk about a topic, on your own, for a certain time. You will have some time to prepare. The task usually starts with a picture you have to describe or two pictures you have to compare. It is then followed by two content points (‘bullet points’) you have to talk about. Show off everything you’ve learned so far! Now study the task and the tips for preparation below. Prepare your talk, then talk for three minutes. Holiday plans STRATEGIES 9 M p. 53 Don’t write full sentences while preparing. Draw mind maps or make lists of pros and cons instead. ‘Comparing’ means saying what the pictures have in common and what is different. What do they have in common? Both pictures show two young people enjoying their holidays … sitting … looking happy and relaxed … wearing casual clothes … Good weather … Pictures were taken outside … Afternoon?  See pp. 25 and 39 for additional help describing pictures, objects and events. What’s different? The picture on the left shows … City trip … Background – houses, boats … Red suitcase in the right corner of the picture … People – aren’t facing the camera … wearing … looking at mobile … perhaps trying to find information or taking pictures … Time of year – maybe summer? Whereas/But in the picture on the right you can see … Camping holiday … Background – bushes, trees … There’s a tent, camping equipment, sleeping bags … People – wearing … cooking … Time of year – maybe autumn? Give examples of holidays young people like. Give two or three examples. Try to explain the pros and cons of each example ( PEEL). adventure: + exciting (rafting) – perhaps dangerous seaside: + sun, fun – maybe expensive camping: + independent, outdoors – rain, very basic Describe your dream holiday. beach, swimming activities: beach volleyball, water skiing, … sun, fun, relax shopping good food all-inclusive resort, Greece Nur zu Prüfzwecken – Eigentum des Verlags öbv