way2go! 5, Schulbuch

116 Unit 09 | Out and about Getting around Means of transport With a partner, create a mind map of different means of transport. Then categorise the expressions below. How many different categories can you come up with? You may use the words more than once. LANGUAGE 10 M p. 52 station to buy a ticket to get on/off gate plane underground bus bay passenger to book a ticket to board train to depart to land flight attendant route baggage port platform cancelled reservation conductor to return ticket machine airport ferry to take off to check in ticket delayed on time to arrive bus carriage coach stop journey Listen to the travel announcements and decide which means of transport they are for. Write the numbers under the pictures. Some announcements can be matched more than once. LISTENING 11 a 21 Listen and answer the questions below. 1 How much can your hand luggage weigh? 2 Where’s the buffet car on the train to Birmingham? 3 Why is the train to Birmingham delayed? 4 What will passengers in the last carriage have to do if they want to visit Madame Tussaud’s? 5 Where can you find the life jackets on the ferry? 6 What happens during a ticket check? 7 If you want to get off the bus (coach), what do you have to do? b 22 A B C D E F Nur zu Prüfzwecken – Eigentum des Verlags öbv