way2go! 5, Schulbuch

117 You are going to listen to Lizzie helping her grandmother buy a ticket at the train station. Match the expressions on the left with the correct definitions on the right. Take care, there are more definitions than expressions. LISTENING 12 a 1 off-peak 2 destination 3 Senior Railcard 4 ticket barrier 5 single (ticket) a the place where you are going b allows people over 60 to travel at a lower price c the time when prices are lower because not so many people are travelling d a railcard that is very old e the part of a mountain that is just below its summit f you have to jump over it to get to the ticket machines g a ticket that allows you to travel in one direction only h a machine that checks your ticket before you go to the platform Low listen to Lizzie talking to her grannie at the ticket machine. First read the steps below carefully and try to guess the order they come in. Then listen to the conversation and sort the steps into the correct order by writing a number into the box next to them. a take change b choose off-peak if available c tap screen d take ticket e choose place of departure f choose single or return ticket g choose or type in destination h insert money i choose Senior/Student Railcard j decide which machine – cash or card b 23 Imagine you are a ticket machine at Cambridge railway station. Write an inner monologue (your thoughts written down) about what you think and feel as a ticket machine. You could start like this: What a long queue at the ticket office. Why’s nobody using me – afraid I might bite? Oh, here’s somebody at last … Continue. Here are some ideas you could write about:  What do you think about all the people who can’t work out how to buy tickets?  Are there regular customers you can recognise? Would you like to talk to them?  How do you feel about the money you get? Greedy for more? Sad because you can’t keep it? Afraid that someone might come and beat you up to steal the money?  Does it hurt when the change drops into the slot? Tickle 1 when the ticket is being printed? Write around 200 words. 14 Work in small groups. Each of you writes as many sentences with the words from exercise 10 as possible. Your sentences need to use a minimum of two words to score one point. For each additional word, you score an additional point. Who’s going to win? WRITING 13 1 to tickle: kitzeln Nur zu Prüfzwecken – Eigentum des Verlags öbv