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58 Unit 04 | It’s traditional Work with a partner. Think of a traditional tale that you know and try to fit the plot into the pyramid. Write the story in short sections like the one in 21 and label each one. Listen to part of a radio phone-in show on traditional stories. For each of the three callers, write down the main idea of their call. While listening a second time, check your answer and add at least one supporting detail. Remember that the main idea is the most general statement you can find while supporting details are usually reasons or examples. WRITING 22 LISTENING 23 a 10 M p. 24 Main idea Supporting detail Jessica Trent Joy What’s your opinion? Take some notes, then make your own ‘call’ to a partner. Individual long turn: Prepare to talk for about five minutes by taking notes on what you want to say, but don’t write down full sentences. Then talk to a partner for about three minutes. b SPEAKING 24  Compare the pictures.  Give your opinion on whether reading stories to children is important or not.  Suggest stories children might like. Write a PEEL paragraph on one of the following topics: 1 Is reading stories to children important today? 2 Should children be confronted with violent fairy tales? WRITING 25  See PEEL revisited , p. 93. Nur zu Prüfzwecken – Eigentum des Verlags öbv