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59 Can you guess which stories are presented in the pictures on the right? Do you remember what happened in the stories? Share your memories with a partner or in small groups. Write down what the animals in the pictures might be thinking. All cultures have traditional tales, and many traditional tales are similar. Here are two different versions of the same story. Can you guess which countries they are from? SPEAKING 26 WRITING 27 READING 28 a Which of these versions do you like better? Why? b Three sisters are left alone at home while their mother visits their grandmother. Lon Po Po, a grandmother wolf, comes to the house pretending to be the grandmother, but the eldest girl sees through the wolf ’s trick. The girls trap the wolf in a basket with gingko nuts, lift the basket up into a tree with a rope and drop the wolf to her death. Because her grandmother has the flu, Petite Rouge (a duck) sets off to bring her some food. Meanwhile, a big old alligator called Claude frightens Grandma, who hides in her closet but leaves her clothes outside. Claude puts them on to trick Petite Rouge, but she throws a sausage dipped in hot sauce into the alligator’s mouth. Claude has to run away to cool his mouth with water and Petite Rouge and her grandmother are safe. A B Advise versus persuade : What’s the difference? Remember the story of The Frog Prince . Imagine you know that if the princess kisses the frog, the frog will turn into a handsome prince. How do you advise or persuade the princess to kiss the frog? Match the function words with their definitions and examples. STRATEGIES 29 a Write two paragraphs: One in which you advise a friend who has problems with maths to do his/her maths homework regularly, and one in which you persuade a friend to watch a good film with you. b You tell someone clearly and politely what is best to do in a certain situation by giving good reasons. You talk or push someone into doing something by giving convincing reasons and encouraging examples. “I can see you are in doubt about what to do with the frog. I would recommend giving him a kiss. He has promised to turn into a prince if you kiss him. He looks serious. I would believe him.” “Just look at the sweet little frog! Such a nice little guy. Why don’t you just kiss him? I would if I were you. He might even turn into a handsome prince.” A B 1 2 advise persuade Nur zu Prüfzwecken – Eigentum des Verlags öbv