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68 Unit 05 | Wild world Individual long turn: Do this speaking task with a partner. Compare either pictures A or pictures B. Then talk about bullet points 2 and 3. Your partner will give you feedback with the help of the grid below. SPEAKING 13 a A B  Compare the pictures.  Give examples of beautiful places people might enjoy.  Describe the most beautiful place in the area you live in. Study the questions below while your partner prepares for his/her individual long turn. Tick ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ while your partner is speaking. Give honest feedback. Discuss which pair of pictures (A or B) was easier to compare. How would your talk have been different if bullet point 1 read “Compare the different ways of enjoying nature in the pictures” instead of “Compare the pictures”? Which version do you prefer? b 14 Did your partner … Yes No 1 say what the pictures have in common and how they are different? 2 talk about his/her opinion or feelings concerning the pictures? 3 use present continuous when saying what the people in the pictures are doing? 4 give reasons for his/her choice of examples of beautiful places in bullet point 2? 5 use modal verbs (e.g. could , might ) when talking about bullet point 2? 6 give a clear description using positive adjectives in bullet point 3? 7 speak fairly fluently without reading from his/her notes? 8 speak for about 3 minutes? This means about 1 minute for each bullet point? Nur zu Prüfzwecken – Eigentu des Verlags öbv