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69 Saving the planet Read the statements below and discuss the following questions with a partner. 1 What environmental issues are addressed? What do you know about them? 2 Do you agree with any of the statements? Why?/Why not? SPEAKING 15 Talking about the environment Go through the statements again. Sort the phrases in green into ‘problems’ and ‘solutions’. Then think of other problems and solutions which are not mentioned here and compare your findings in class. LANGUAGE 16 a M p. 28 Environmental problems Possible solutions pollution of the oceans … … protecting the rainforests The statements contain three phrases that are often used to describe changes in the weather across the globe. What are they? b Why should I bother with recycling ? All my carefully separated waste will just end up in a landfill somewhere anyway. By the time my kids grow up, many endangered species , like polar bears or tigers, will have died out . I’m worried about the future. They say that extreme weather conditions and natural disasters , like floods, droughts or hurricanes, will happen more often. What will we do then? Where will it be safe? It’s important to support environmental organisations which try to protect our rainforests . We need these forests to reduce the greenhouse effect . I don’t like it when environmental activists stop me on the street and tell me about climate change . I know it is natural and not man-made. In 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean, unless companies and countries stop polluting them. I’m a vegetarian because I want to save the planet. After all, meat consumption is one of the biggest causes of g lobal warming . A B C D E F G Nur z Prüfzwecken – Eig ntum des Verlags öbv