Prime Time 6, Coursebook mit Audio-CD und DVD

Environmental issues a) Choose one of the pictures on these two pages and describe it. You can use the words and phrases from the word bank. b) Read the poem by Roger McGough. • What is the message of this poem? • How does the title of the poem relate to its message? • Who is the I and who is you ? • What environmental problems are mentioned? c) Write an extra verse that could be added to the poem before the last verse. Make sure you follow the structure of the poem. 1 Word bank reusable • biodegradable • climate change • to have an effect on • a result of global warming • to cause damage to • (air) pollution • to raise awareness of • (not) to waste natural resources • renewable/ alternative energy sources • to recycle • to use/generate wind or solar power • hydraulic power plant • wind park/farm • farmers’ market • organic food • bottle bank • landfill site W Give and take I give you clean air You give me poisonous gas. I give you mountains You give me quarries. I give you pure snow You give me acid rain. I give you spring fountains You give me toxic canals. I give you a butter y You give me a plastic bottle. I give you a blackbird You give me a stealth bomber. I give you abundance You give me waste. I give you one last chance You give me excuse a er excuse. Roger McGough 2 1.4 36 Unit Internet resources e4sa6e The Blue Planet 3 Nur zu Prüfzwecken – Eigentum des Verlags öbv