Prime Time 6, Coursebook mit Audio-CD und DVD

Language in use: Verb forms Read the text about a young businessman from Birmingham and his plans to start a magazine for black youths. Some words are missing. Choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D) for each gap (1–14). Put a cross ( ✘ ) in the correct box. The first one (0) has been done for you. A young businessman … 0 in Birmingham is starting a new community magazine for young black people in the city. Having felt little hope himself in the past, Andrew Lindo … 1 that black teenagers oen have low expectations. So … 2 to show them positive role models, he is featuring successful black people in his magazine. “I le school thinking I had no chance of an … 3 career,” he says. “But now I am a … 4 graphic designer. If young black people who … 5 my magazine see a black doctor or a black lawyer … 6 success, it will help them to be more ambitious themselves.” Having had the idea of the magazine over two years ago, Andrew has Œnally almost completed the Œrst edition. He explains that the name he … 7 for it, Wispa , has its origins in black history. “Living as slaves, black people had to whisper because they couldn’t be seen … 8 to each other. e title means that you can give an important message … 9 quietly.” He plans to print 5,000 copies of Wispa , and … 10 to attract lots of readers and also the advertisers … 11 to help with costs. It is a … 12 project, but Andrew feels strongly about the problems … 13 young black people. In creating his own magazine, he himself is a role model, … 14 how talent and energy can be used to improve people’s lives. 0 A lives B living ✘ C having lived D live 1 A understanding B has understood C understand D understands 2 A wanting B to want wants D having wanted 3 A interested B interest C interesting D interested in 4 A qualification qualified C qualifying D having qualified 5 A read B to read C reading D have read 6 A achieved B achieving C to achieve D have achieved 7 A has chosen B choosing C chosen D to choose 8 A having talked talk C to talk D talking 9 to speak having spoken C speaking D speak 10 hopes hoping C hoped D to hope 11 A to need B needing C having needed D needed 12 A challenged B challenger C challenging D challenge 13 A affected by B affected C affecting D to affect 14 A shown B showing C showed D to show 3 35 Nur A A zu Prüfzwecken B – Eigentum B B B des Verlags C öbv