kick off PTS, Coursebook

Reading Read the texts and fill in what each person likes to eat and drink. 1 Tony: 2 Celine: 3 Robert: 4 Claire: 5 Adam: 6 Elizabeth: Tick the correct answers. 12 13 What do you like/not like to eat? Work in groups. Ask your group members what they like/don’t like to eat and take notes. Then report to the class. Workbook p. 47, ex. 9 Name Likes (+) Doesn’t like (–) Sarah Italian food, hamburgers fish 14 1 Tony likes to start his day a without breakfast. b with a traditional English breakfast. c with a healthy breakfast. d with baked beans on toast. 2 Celine doesn’t eat a salad. b vegetables. c fish. d meat. 3 For lunch Robert sometimes has a chicken with vegetables. b beans on toast. c cereal with strawberries and nuts. d boiled potatoes. 4 Haggis is a part of a traditional English breakfast. b not good for your stomach. c a traditional Scottish meal. d eaten with garlic and onions. 5 Adam a thinks that fast food is healthy. b tries to eat healthier food. c does a lot of sports. d cares a lot about his health. 6 Elizabeth a likes Indian, Italian and Chinese meals. b likes salad with oil and vinegar. c likes cooking with friends. d hates takeaway food. 107 Unit 9 · Food Chicken tikka masala Haggis Nur zu Prüfzwecken – Eigentum des Verlags öbv