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Interaction At the restaurant What does a waiter/waitress say? What does a guest say? Read the following sentences and questions and tick W (for waiter/waitress) or G (for guest). W G 1 Here you are. Keep the change. 2 Could I have the bill, please? 3 Would you like some dessert? 4 Is everything alright here? 5 We’d like a table for two, please. 6 The onion soup was excellent. 7 I’d like a prawn cocktail as a starter. 8 What would you like for your main course? 9 What would you like to drink? 10 Can I have chips instead of rice? 11 Sparkling or still? 12 Can I take your order? 13 Fine, I’ll bring you your drinks in a minute. 14 Can we have the menu, please? 15 No dessert for me, thank you. 16 That’ll be £ . 17 What do you recommend? Work in pairs. One of you is the waiter, the other one is the guest. Choose a pair of role cards (dialogue 1 or 2) and make a dialogue. Use the menu from page 102 and the phrases from exercise 15. Then act it out in class. Workbook p. 48, ex. 11 15 16 H Waiter: 1 Greet. 3 Ask for a drink. 5 Say that you’ll be back in a minute. 7 Ask for a starter. 9 Ask for a main course. 11 Ask for a dessert. 13 Ask the guest if everything is alright. 15 Say yes and tell the price 17 Say thank you and goodbye. Dialogue 1: Guest: 2 Greet. 4 Order a drink. 6 Call the waiter and say that you want to order. 8 Order a starter. 10 Order a main course. 12 Say that you don’t want a dessert. 14 Ask for the bill. 16 Pay and give a tip. 18 Say goodbye. 108 Unit 9 · Food Ó worksheet 7hk437 Nur zu Prüfzwecken – Eigentum des Verlags öbv