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Look at the picture of the airport and read the text. Number the places in the picture. Then complete the sentences below. Workbook p. 49, ex. 3 3 Look at Mr Grey’s boarding pass. Can you find his seat number? What gate is he leaving from? 1 The check-in desk is the place where passengers get their boarding pass . 2 On the boarding pass, passengers can see . 3 At the security check, security officers . 4 At the passport check, customs officers . 5 Boarding is when people . 6 At the baggage reclaim, passengers . 111 Unit 10 · Travelling Starting out BORDKARTE BOARDING PASS PASSENGER’S NAME GREY/MICHAEL MR FROM VIENNA VIE TO LONDON HEATHROW LHR FLIGHT NUMBER DAY DATE TIME EA 4147 SEAT GATE EUROPAIR 14D 2 People who travel by plane are called passengers. When passengers fly from an airport, they go to DEPARTURES (1). First, they check in at the check-in desk (2). This is where they get their boarding pass. On it, the passengers can see their seat number and the number of the gate where the plane departs. Next the passengers go through the security check (3). Here, security officers check people’s clothes and their baggage. After that, passengers go to the passport check where customs officers check their passports (4). Now passengers have some time before their plane departs: They can eat or drink something or go shopping (5). Finally, passengers get on the plane. This is called boarding. Then the plane takes off. When the plane has landed, the passengers go through the passport check again (6) and then they get their baggage at the baggage reclaim (7). With their baggage they go through the customs (8) and then they can leave the airport at ARRIVALS (9). ARRIVALS DEPARTURES check-in desks cafés, gate 1 gate 2 gate 3 passport check passport check baggage reclaim customs security check duty free shops, restaurants Nur zu Prüfzwecken – Eigentum des Verlags öbv