kick off PTS, Coursebook

Listening Match the questions and the answers. 1 E Where would you like to go on holiday? 2 When do you want to go there? 3 Who is travelling with you? 4 Have you ever been to Spain? 5 Would you like full board, half board or all-inclusive? 6 How long do you want to stay? 7 Would you like two single rooms or a double room? 8 Where do you want to leave from? A We want to stay for two weeks. B No, I haven’t. C Just bed and breakfast, please. We don’t need full board or anything like that. D We would like to stay in a double room, please. E I would like to go somewhere exciting, like New York. F We want to leave from London, Heathrow. G From September 14 to September 28. H I want to go with my two children. 4 Booking a holiday. Listen to the conversation and tick T (true), F (false) or N (not in the text). Workbook p. 50, ex. 4 T F N 1 Mrs Thompson wants to go somewhere warm. 2 Mrs Thompson doesn’t like to fly. 3 Mrs Thompson was in Turkey last year. 4 Mrs Thompson didn’t like it in Turkey. 5 The hotel is all-inclusive. 6 The hotel is located one km from the beach. 7 Mrs Thompson has three children. 8 Mrs Thompson’s first name is Shirley. Sandra is checking in at a hotel. Listen and find the missing words from the box. 5 33Ó listening 6rm25v 6 34Ó listening 6fs245 Receptionist: Hello. How can I help you? Sandra: Hello. My name’s Kaiser. K-A-I-S-E-R. I booked a room. Receptionist: Just a moment. Ah yes, Ms Kaiser. A single room for four nights? Sandra: That’s right. Receptionist: Would you fill in the for me, please? Sandra: Mmm. Here you are. Receptionist: Thanks. Here’s your . You’re in room . That’s on . There’s a lift just over there. Breakfast is from in the restaurant over there. Sandra: Great. Thank you very much. Receptionist: . Enjoy your stay with us. 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. the second floor registration form A single room key You’re welcome 214 112 Unit 10 · Travelling Nur zu Prüfzwecken – Eigentum des Verlags öbv