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The job of a flight attendant. Circle the correct forms of the verbs – present simple or present continuous. Cross out the wrong forms. 7 Would you like to be a flight attendant? Flight attendants can be men or women (photo 1). They are the people who work are working on planes. They have are having many different jobs during a typical flight. First, they welcome are welcoming the passengers on board and they help are helping them to find their seats and to put their hand baggage in the baggage compartment1 over their seat. In photo 2 the flight attendant helps is helping a passenger to fasten the seatbelt2. Next, there is another important job for the flight attendants. They stand are standing at the front of the plane and show are showing the safety instructions3 to the passengers. When the plane is in the air, the flight attendants are busy again. In photo 3, the woman serves is serving lunches to the passengers. So is a flight attendant a good job? Well, flight attendants travel are travelling a lot and so they see are seeing lots of different and interesting places. And because they work are working in a team, they make are making lots of good friends. On the other hand, a small number of passengers sometimes behave are behaving badly and that is not nice. Also, flight attendants spend are spending a long time away from home so they don’t see aren’t seeing their friends and family very often. You must think of all of these sorts of things if you want to become a flight attendant. 1 baggage compartment: Gepäckablage 2 fasten the seatbelt: den Sicherheitsgurt schließen 2 safety instructions: Sicherheitshinweise 113 Unit 10 · Travelling Listening Tip If you work in a hotel or in another service job, you should always be polite. Always ask with “Would you like … ?” Example: “Would you like a single or a double room?” is more polite than “Do you want a single or a double room?” 1 2 3 Nur zu Prüfzwecken – Eigentum des Verlags öbv