kick off PTS, Coursebook

Listening Listen and write the names to the correct picture. Then talk about your answers in class. 6 40–44Ó listening cn5ui7 Say it like this: Listen again. Tick T (true), F (false) or N (not in the text). T F N 1 Shannon’s favourite sport is baseball. 2 Detroit is in the U.S. State of Michigan. 3 Alicia’s hobby is being in the forest. 4 Alicia also likes taking other nature pictures, like in the park. 5 Zach and his dad live near the largest city in New Zealand. 6 South Africa is not a very safe place to live. 7 Over 33 million people live in New Dehli. 8 Aarav likes to play on the computer. What about you? Write a text about where you are from or a place that you visited or would like to visit. Find information that you don’t know on the internet (population, size etc.). Example: What town/city/country are you from? I am from … . How many people live there? … people live in … . What is the official language? The official language here is … . 7 40–44Ó listening cn5ui7 8 Zach Alicia Joanna Aarav Shannon 122 Unit 11 · A world language I think number 1 is … . He/She is from … . Nur zu Prüfzwecken – Eigentum des Verlags öbv