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Steven is from England and travelled to Canada. Listen to what he has to say about Canada and its people. Number the pictures. Workbook p. 55, ex. 3, 4 9 45Ó listening 83q6tr Look at the pictures and match the sentences. 10 1 F Steven took an Air Canada 2 Queen Elizabeth II is officially 3 West Edmonton mall is the biggest 4 At Christmas, many Canadians 5 The Canadian flag is red 6 Canada has ten 7 In Winnipeg the Assiniboine 8 Hockey is the most 9 For Christmas, many A the Queen of Canada. B provinces and three territories. C decorate their houses with lights. D Canadians eat turkey. E River is often frozen in winter. F flight from London to Winnipeg. G on both sides and has a maple leaf in the middle. H shopping mall in North America. I popular sport in Canada. 123 Unit 11 · A world language Listening 1 Nur zu Prüfzwecken – Eigentum des Verlags öbv