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Reading Jeff Is anyone out there??? Hey, I have a problem. I fight with my parents about pocket money all the time. I never have enough money to go anywhere at the weekends and, because of school, I don’t have time to work. My parents tell me to get a job in summer, but in summer I want a break from school. I need the time to relax. I think parents should have to give their kids pocket money. How can I get my parents to give me more? . . . . 5 . . Anna Hey there! I really like a boy a lot. So far, everything’s been great, but now I think that he likes someone else n … I think he likes my best friend, Carrie. Three weeks ago, Carrie was with us and since then, he always finds excuses not to meet me. n Also, a friend of mine said that she saw him and Carrie holding hands in the park. What should I do? . . 10 . . . Ronnie I’m very heavy and I get bullied for this all the time. It’s really hard before PE, when I have to change my clothes. I don’t like it when the other pupils in my class watch me. I also don’t like to eat lunch in front of the other pupils. They always watch me. I’m really frustrated. Please help!!! I JUST WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT!!!!! . 15 . . . . Tara What’s wrong with me? I’m really worried. Sometimes, I’m not hungry for two or three days. I just don’t want to eat. Is this a sign that I might have an eating disorder? I like the way I look, but sometimes I just don’t have an appetite. I have tried different foods, but that doesn’t help. Who can help me? 20 . . . . Teens in trouble. If you are in trouble or just need to talk to someone, there are many things that you can do. Read about what problems the teenagers have. Workbook p. 62, ex. 8 14 47–50Ó listening fu5g8g Match the texts above with the answers below. A It’s not good that you don’t eat for some days. You should definitely go to the doctor and have a check-up. Perhaps there are some foods that you are allergic to. If you can talk to your parents, you should definitely do that first! B I can really understand your problem. It’s not easy when other pupils make fun of you. I think the first thing that you should do is talk to your parents. Make an appointment with a nutritionist and check your eating habits. Maybe you can do some sports with your dad to lose weight. C It can be hard to talk to your parents. Every teenager has that problem sometimes. Maybe you can make a deal with your parents. Ask them if you can help around the house for more money. Say that you will help for 30 minutes or one hour every day and that they could pay you for your help. Maybe that’ll work. D Have you talked to your best friend? Maybe this is all just a misunderstanding. Maybe the boy that you are talking about just has a lot of things to do at the moment. Have you talked to your friend or to the boy? Maybe you can ask this boy why he is not spending time with you anymore. Do you have a problem? Do you want to talk to someone who understands, like another teenager? We’re here to help! Call us 555-HELP 136 Unit 12 · Relationships Ó worksheet 2ia3vq Nur zu Prüfzwecken – Eigentum des Verlags öbv