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Reading Read the text about Henry VIII and tick T (true), F (false) or N (not in the text). T F N 1 Henry’s brother’s name was Arthur. 2 The first thing Henry did when he became king was that he reduced taxes. 3 Henry VIII fought many wars. 4 Henry VIII was married eight times. 5 Henry’s only reason for marrying was that he wanted a son. 6 Henry VIII executed two of his wives. 7 Jane Seymour and Ann Boleyn were the only wives who had a son. 8 No one knows if Henry VIII really lived. 15 Henry VIII is one of the most famous kings of England. He was king from 1457–1509. Henry was a very popular king because the first thing he did when he stepped on the throne1 was to reduce2 taxes3. He also executed the people who set up the taxes when his father was king. Probably the most-told story about Henry VIII is the story of his six wives. Henry always had a special reason for marrying his wives. But what he wanted most was a son. 1 step on the throne: den Thron besteigen 2 reduce: reduzieren 3 taxes: Steuern 4 Protestants: Protestant/innen 5 Catholics: Katholik/innen 6 in childbirth: während der Geburt 7 overweight: übergewichtig 8 tuberculosis: Tuberkulose (Lungenkrankheit) Name Katherine of Aragon (Spanish) Ann Boleyn (English) Jane Seymour (English) Ann of Cleves (German) Catherine Howard (English) Catherine Parr (English) Reason for marriage to have a good relationship with Spain to get a son to get a son and to get help from the Protestants4 to get help against Emperor Charles V to have a better relationship with Catholics5 to nurse him in old age Children one daughter, Mary one daughter, Elizabeth one son, Edward no children no children no children What happened? divorce executed died in childbirth6 separated executed Henry died first The table shows who Henry VIII was married to, the reason he married them and what happened to them. Henry VIII became very overweight7 when he was older and because of that, he became very ill. He died in 1509. After his death, his son Edward became Edward VI. King Edward VI was only king for a short time because he died of tuberculosis8 when he was only fifteen. 137 Unit 12 · Relationships Nur zu Prüfzwecken – Eigentum des Verlags öbv