kick off PTS, Coursebook

Listening At the careers office. Listen to the dialogue between Emily and the careers officer. Tick the correct answers. 7 6Ó listening f427p5 1 Emily has got an appointment at a 12:30. b 10:30. c 10:00. 2 She lives in a South London. b West London. c East London. 3 She wants a job in which she can use a her hands. b computers. c her muscles. 4 She doesn’t want to work in a an office. b a workshop. c a big company. 5 She really likes working with a metal. b machines. c wood. 6 In her free time she often helps her uncle a in his office. b in his workshop. c repair things. 7 Emily’s favourite subject is a maths. b English. c technical drawing. 8 The careers officer suggests becoming a joiner or a an office worker. b a carpenter. c a bricklayer. Complete the following questions. Use the correct question words from the boxes. Example: What is your name? 1 do you want to be? 2 do you want to work? 3 are you interested in? 4 do you do in your free time? 5 are your favourite subjects at school? 6 is our next meeting? Write answers to the questions above. 8 9 Where When What What What What Unit 2 · Jobs 18 Nur zu Prüfzwecken – Eigentum des Verlags öbv