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Reading An extreme sport is an activity that many people think is very dangerous. Examples are bungee jumping, paragliding and volcano boarding. Here are the five craziest extreme sports in the world. Volcano boarding Racing down a volcano at over 80 km/h with only a board under your feet is very extreme. Thousands of extreme sport fans travel to Nicaragua’s Cerro Negro mountain every year to do this crazy sport. The volcano boarders wear protective suits1, elbow pads and helmets. Train surfing This illegal sport started in Germany in the 1980s. In this extreme sport people climb on a train and surf on it while it is moving. The sport is a serious problem in South Africa, where many young people die every year. A young man who called himself “The Trainrider” became famous after surfing on an InterCity Express, the fastest train in Germany. Extreme slacklining Slacklining is a sport with a special piece of nylon that people balance on. Normally, you stretch the nylon between two trees, but extreme slackliners walk from one mountain peak to another. The Norwegian Christian Shou has the Guinness World Record for the highest slackline (over 1,000 metres). Zorbing Zorbing started in New Zealand in the year 2000. When you are zorbing you are rolling down a hill inside a giant plastic ball. The record for the fastest zorbing run is over 50 km/h. Powerbocking Powerbocking is freestyle jumping or running with Poweriser stilts. The athletes perform extreme jumps and run over 30 km/h. They also jump over 1.5 metres high and 3 metres long. . . . . 5 . . . . 10 . . . . 15 . . . . 20 . . . . 25 . . . . 30 . . . . 35 The world’s most extreme sports 10Ó listening jx724c Here, two men are racing down a volcano. A teenage boy in South Africa is climbing on a train. This person is walking on an extreme slackline. These people are rolling down a hill inside a zorbing ball. A young man is jumping with Poweriser stilts. 1 protective suit: Schutzanzug Unit 3 · Sports and health 32 Ó worksheet 2rm88x Nur zu Prüfzwecken – Eigentum des Verlags öbv