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Reading Read the text and tick T (true), F (false) or N (not in the text). Workbook p. 17, ex. 7 T F N 1 People do not wear helmets when volcano boarding. 2 Volcano boarding started in South America. 3 Train surfing is not legal. 4 Many people die while train surfing. 5 Normally, people stretch the slackline between trees. 6 Extreme slackliners sometimes walk from one mountain peak to another. 7 Zorbing is rolling down a volcano in a ball. 8 For powerbocking you need Poweriser stilts. Look at the sports and activities. Tick the things you like. Then talk to your partner. Workbook p. 17, ex. 8 16 17 H Indoor and outdoor activities. Put the activities above into the correct category. Indoor activities Outdoor activities playing the guitar skiing Write about what you like to do in your free time. The questions below will help you. • When did you start this hobby or activity? • How often do you do it? • When do you usually do it? • Describe your hobby or activity. 18 19 playing the guitar skiing fishing golf swimming reading cooking snowboarding watching TV cycling football basketball computer games jogging listening to music hockey tennis playing the piano Unit 3 · Sports and health 33 Ask like this: Do you like … ? Why? Answer like this: Yes, I do./No, I don’t. Because it’s fun/boring/ healthy/ exciting/­ dangerous/expensive … . Nur zu Prüfzwecken – Eigentum des Verlags öbv