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Interaction Giving a presentation Read the text and prepare a presentation about your favourite sport, sports star or hobby. Workbook p. 18, ex. 9 20 Giving a presentation A good presentation should have three parts: 1 Introduction (Say what you are going to talk about) 2 Main part (Talk about it) 3 Conclusion (Say what you talked about) 1 Introduction • Your introduction should be very exciting. First, you should welcome the listeners. Then tell the listeners what your presentation will be about. Words and phrases: Good morning! Hi everyone! Let me introduce myself … . • Introduce your favourite sport or activity. My presentation is about … . I’m going to talk to you about … . • Say why you like this sport or activity so much. This sport/activity is interesting because … . I like this sport/activity because … . 3 Conclusion • In your conclusion, you say what you talked about. I am now at the end of my presentation … . In conclusion … . • Tell the listeners again why you like this sport or activity. Why is it great? I think this sport/activity is great because … . You should try this activity because … . 2 Main part In your main part, explain the sport or activity to the listeners. Talk about three main things that have to do with your sport or activity. • Part 1 Where and when did the sport or activity start? My presentation has three main parts … . I’m going to talk about three main things in my presentation … . My first part is about … . First, I want to talk about how this sport/ activity started … . • Part 2 Describe the sport or activity. My second part is about … . Next, I want to talk about … . • Part 3 Who are the stars in this sport? What are the records? My last part is about … . Now I want to talk to you about … . Unit 3 · Sports and health 34 Ó worksheet q8w9z5 Nur zu Prüfzwecken – Eigentum des Verlags öbv